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Material Realisation   “The information structure of the space of variations, may materialize under certain  conditions.  Every thought, as well as every sector from the space of variations, has certain parameters. By  “illuminating” the corresponding sector, the mental broadcast realizes the  version of this  sector. Thus thoughts have a direct influence on the course of events.  The space of variations serves as a template, it determines the shape and trajectory of  movement  of the matter. Material realization moves in space and time, but the variations remain in place  and  exist there forever. Every living being forms the layer of its world, via its mental  broadcasting. Our  world is inhabited by many living organisms, and each has its own  contribution  to the formation  of reality…”
The Society – Frequency, Density and  quality of Pattern … (From If you want to change anything in your life, change the frequency, density, or quality of patterns that make up that reality. Let go of all doubt, and do this with a feeling of certainty. Try not to second guess what will be the final outcome. When you begin to do this, you will tap into one of the master alchemical keys for transformation. Whenever you have a problem, do not seek out the most obvious solution. Break trough your own rules whenever possible. When a rule is broken within yourself, you realize that there was never a ruler in the first place. Every rule defines the border and the boundaries of your perceptual bias. There is no reason to play by the rules. Sometimes it is useful to be resourceful by pretending to play by different rules. If you rules are not working so well, borrow somebody else’s. You can even make up a new rule in