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Innovation into the Banking System

Digital innovation has helped evolve the financial services sector, but the global pandemic has prompted an overhaul in the role of advanced technology and digital services as traditional bricks and mortar business models lose relevance and consumers radically adjust their banking behaviour. To remain competitive in this new digital reality, it is important that senior leadership recognise the part technology has to play in adapting to the banking world that Covid-19 has created says Santiago Jimenez Barrull. These emerging financial services and products, powered by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and machine learning, have played a defining role in the banking sector for the past few years, but in order to remain relevant in the uncertain environment instigated by a global pandemic, their function in banking systems is more evident than ever. These tools are the key to banks being able to streamline services, redefine business models and focu


“Evolving Sustainable Organizations from Value Chains to Value Networks as the key source of competitive advantage to promote Sustainable and Social Communities through the alignment of Corporate Finance with GreenTech Infrastructures and Social Development". I am one of the Internet Pioneers in Europe and the Founder and Chairman of maat Group (, the holding company of one of the most innovative and fast growing independent privately owned Structured Corporate Finance / Technology / Services Group (est. 1999) established around Maat International Group with corporate presence in Europe, UAE, Africa and Asia representing the interest of some international investments coroporations. My leadership and business experience accumulated both in Public and Private Sector marked a change in the pioneering the development of Internet in Europe; Corporate Strategy of Professional Services offering into the Structured Corporate Services (Multilateral Agencies, Investment Funds