Structured Finance. The new alternative way (By Santiago Jimenez Barrull)

Structured Finance- 
A new vision

Structured Finance is today a key building block in the financing industry and is accelerating as companies both public and private- recognize the growing importance of managing credit risk and apply a range of derivatives techniques to the task.

MIG Corporation´s Professional Practive affiliated to Maat International Group is leading the way in developing new methodology from insurance policy to securitisation vehicles such as BLOCONA (Bond Linked Obligation Collateral On Net Asset) - widely acclaimed as one of the most innovative financial structures in recent years-.

MIG Corporation offer sophisticated financial services to companies, governments, institutions, and individuals, advising on corporate strategy and structure; raising equity and debt capital; managing complex investment portfolios; and providing access to developed and emerging financial markets.

MIG Corporation aims to perform with such commitment, speed, and effect that when our clients have a critical financial need, they turn first to us.

MIG Corporation is at the forefront of Structured Methodolgy Finance activity over the past 5 years. 

Today the firm is a pioneer professional services  in the design of Structured Corporate Finance techniques such as credit derivatives - financial instruments that are changing the way companies, financial institutions, and investors in measure and manage credit risk.

Development Investment and Guarantee
Development investment loans are intended for overseas investments by Local Operators Companies.

Development investments by Local Companies will lead to an advanced domestic industrial structure and a more efficient international division of labor. However, foreign investment involves risks such as an abrupt shift in economic policy in the host country, fiscal collapse, or economic turmoil. As a public lender, MIG Corporation´s seeks to mitigate such risks through dialogue with host country governments and government agencies.

With respect to Corporate finance, MIG Corporation ´s provides Corporate Finance Professional Services to monetize sovereigns guarantees to assist private finance institutions that participate in cofinancing, mainly under overseas investment vehicles.

Apart from these services, MIG Corporation´s also supports smooth project implementation through measures including extending loans for infrastructure construction related to the project, such as road and harbor facilities for transporting fuel and products

A Variety of Financial Schemes for Comprehensively. Supporting the Overseas Development of Global/Local Companies
MIG Corporation offers a varied Corporate Finance Professional Services menu that includes export loans, import loans, overseas investment loans, resource finance, untied loans, guarantees and ODA loans. MIG Corporation´s extends project finance-based loans and guarantees utilizing this financial menu along with various financial schemes to provide multidimensional support for overseas economic activities undertaken by Global/Local Companies.

Financing Structure I

Financing Structure II

By Santiago Jiménez Barrull


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