The Freedom of Being and "Stay" Young...ALWAYS!

"I will let you in on a little secret: you do much better if you don’t think about your age. I will be 87 this July but I try to envisage myself as a child because children don’t think about the finish line. They run and run and run. When they play, it’s just pure freedom - the freedom of being"

(Marathonian aged 92 years old)

The majority of those who fail, fail because they fear failure, and they fear failure principally because they subconsciously believe the time of action to be limited.

There are very few who undertake as much as they are competent to carry through; and the reason is, they think life is too short in which to complete the greater undertaking.

It is therefore evident that everybody would proceed to do what they were fully competent to do if they knew that they could stay young until their work was finished.

To be just to himself, man must be and do all that he can be and do; but before he will naturally undertake everything that he feels competent to carry through, he must be convinced that he will have sufficient time to complete his work; and this conviction he will gain when he learns to stay young.

To analyze the mind in its relation to the external world is to find that no limit to the powers of discernment, perception, conception, insight, understanding or comprehension can be found.

A study of the fundamental actions of mind reveal the fact that the more the mind proceeds to learn, the greater becomes its capacity to learn; and as the mind may proceed to learn more and more indefinitely, it may continue to increase its capacity to learn during the same indefinite, or rather, endless period.
To be logical, we must therefore conclude that the mind may learn anything that it proceeds to learn, and that that mind that proceeds to learn everything will constantly be learning everything.

The new cells that are formed in the body of the child continue to look new until they are replaced by other new cells; then why should not the new cells in the body of the octogenarian do the same?.

The cells and the fibres of the human body are created to perform definite functions, and during the period of their creation are given a certain amount of latent energy; when this energy has all been placed in action, the purpose of the cell has been fulfilled; but instead of recharging that cell, nature removes it as waste matter, and builds a new one, full of youth and vigor, in its place.

This process of reconstruction is constantly in action throughout the human system; the very moment a cell becomes useless, it is removed and a new one built in its place; in a normal human system there is no opportunity therefore, to retain in the system a single cell that is weak, withered or useless.

In a normal human system only young, vigorous cells can remain; when they cease to have life and vigor, they are removed as waste; the fact, therefore, that people who have lived upon earth for a period exceeding thirty or forty years, have withered, useless, empty, old-looking cells in their systems, proves that they are not normal; the law of reconstruction is not permitted to perform its function completely; natural law is being violated and the individual is consequently untrue to himself.

The vital organs, such as the heart, stomach, lungs, etc., renew themselves rapidly, providing the health of the body is reasonably good.

The average person who breathes properly and breathes only pure air, will receive three pair of new lungs every year.

When the stomach is never overloaded nor abused, it will renew itself from two to three times every year; the same is true of the other organs in the abdominal region.

The heart, the arterial system, the brain and the nervous system will, under normal conditions, renew themselves every sixty or ninety days, while the skin is renewed completely every week or ten days.

The bony structure of the human body requires the longest time to complete the renewal process, the time required, varying from seven months to a year, at rare intervals, fourteen months.

When the health of the body is not perfect, the renewal process is somewhat retarded, but even chronic invalids will renew their bodies completely in less than a year and a half.

The fact that the body, after leaving the teens, does not look as young as it actually is, proves, as stated before, that some natural law has been violated.
To cease to violate this law, and to learn to live in perfect harmony with this law, is all that is necessary in order to stay young; mere simplicity itself when accomplished, but before it can be accomplished, the ordinary mode of living and thinking will have to be reversed.

To begin, the individual must learn to be himself; he must learn, not only to think of himself as young, but to Be young, because he is young. The actions of thought, feeling and consciousness must reproduce in the mental life, as well as the personal life, the same qualities of youth that nature is producing in the chemical life.

The movements of man himself must produce youth, and reproduce youth, thus cooperating with the renewing process everywhere in action among the movements of nature.

The real life of man is young at all times, and everything that lives in the being of man, is, for the same reason, young at all times. Therefore, to be young, man must live his real life; he must not live an artificial life, nor live in an artificial mental state. He must be himself, and live in the conscious realization of what he is in the reality of himself.

Youth is not merely skin deep; it is the result of an interior life-process that penetrates every atom in the being of man, and gives eternal youth to every atom in the being of man. No external lotion will therefore produce the qualities of youth, neither will chemicals, externally or internally applied, count for anything whatever.

The secret is to enter into the consciousness of this interior life-process; and it is in this consciousness that man enters when he is himself.

There are two reasons why the personal man, after reaching what is termed middle life, begins to took older and older in appearance every year. The one is ossification and the other is old-age conditions.

The tendency of the human body to ossify is produced by various causes, some physical and some mental, though all of these causes, in their last analysis, have their origin in certain abnormal modes of mental life.

When the cells and the fibres of the body begin to ossify, the muscles will harden, the bones will become stiff, the various organs will become heavy and sluggish, and a shriveling up process will pervade, more and more, the entire system. Reconstruction and repair will be retarded, waste matter will increase in the system and will soon begin to clog the system because the various organs are too sluggish to perform their functions properly.

When the cells of the brain begin to ossify, they will respond less and less to the actions of the mind; the intellect will become less and less lucid, and memory will gradually wane. New impressions are formed in mind with difficulty, usually not at all; the acquisition of new knowledge becomes almost impossible as the brain is no longer a perfect, responsive instrument upon which the mental faculties may act.

The new body will be so permeated with fifty-year-old conditions that it will feel like fifty and look like fifty. It is all false, however; there is not a cell or a fibre in your system that is over a year old; the majority are less than three months old, therefore, could not look as if they were fifty unless they were changed artificially by some false mental process.

To those who understand the nature of the human organism, it is evident that the law of perpetual renewal is ceaselessly at work rebuilding everything, both the natural and the unnatural, in the personality of man; everything in the human system is always new, therefore should never look old, and never would look old if ossification and old-age conditions were not produced in the being of man.

To fix a future time for the coming of age, is to impress the idea of age upon the mind, and to impress the idea of age upon the mind is to impress conditions of age upon the cells of the body.

We are receiving from nature perpetual youth now; to live in that youth now is to retain that youth now; and as there is no end to the eternal now there can be no end to the youth of the eternal now.

The future will care for itself if we care well for the present, and to be true to the present we must be true to ourselves in the present; we must be what we are now, and we are young now.

To think, at any time, of the possibility of future age is to create age-producing thought; it is to create that thought now that has no place in life now; it is to bring age into the present when there is no age in the present.

The present body is young; it is this year’s product; it is new and ought to look new; but man thinks he is old because he has lived upon earth sixty or more years; he therefore feels as old as people are supposed to feel at sixty, and the body always looks as old as the mind feels.
The body always is young, and will look young as long as the mind feels young; this is the great secret.

Therefore, to prevent the mistakes of the race from being reproduced in ourselves, it is necessary to eliminate from our subconscious minds those adverse tendencies that we may have inherited from the race. The tendency to grow old is one of these, and it may be removed by training the subconscious mind to work in harmony with the natural renewing process.

It is not possible, however, for the conscious mind to direct the subconscious to work in harmony with the natural renewing process, so long as the idea of old age is believed to be real.

What we think of as real we impress upon the subconscious, and what we impress upon the subconscious, is seed sown in the garden of life; it will invariably bear fruit after its kind.


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